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Do you need to get rid of beavers because they are wreaking havoc on your property? We provide beaver removal services in Houston, Austin, Fort Worth and Dallas.

Beavers are generally not a problem for people living in residential areas. If you live on a bigger piece of land and there is a river or stream on the land, you probably want to look at beaver removal.

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Beavers are semi-aquatic rodents, and also the largest rodents in North America. They are native to both North America and Europe.

Next to humans, no other animal does more to create waterfront property!

Beavers are best known for their natural habit of building dams in streams and rivers. Then they build their homes in the pond that forms in the river. These homes are known as beaver lodges. The lodges offer them protection against predators.

They use their strong front teeth to cut down trees and other plants that they then use for building dams, as well as for food. These teeth never stop growing!

Beavers and rivers go together. For hundreds of thousands of years in the Northern Hemisphere they have kept these watery systems healthy and in good repair. 

So it’s important to remember that beavers work as a keystone species in an ecosystem by creating wetlands that are used by many other species.

However, when this happens on your property and you see all of the downed trees and flooded acreage, it may seem just the opposite to you!

Destroying a beaver dam without removing the beavers takes a lot of effort. Beavers work hard and fast, and often rebuild dams overnight. The best solution is to remove them to avoid ongoing problems.

The best way to get rid of nuisance beavers is by trapping them. There are several different types of beaver traps available. Some will merely trap them and others will kill them instantly. Trapped beavers can either be relocated to another area, if available, or euthanized later.

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