Bird Removal Service – Why Birds Must Be Removed

bird removal - pigeon removal service in Houston, Austin, Dallas & Fort WorthDo you need a bird removal, or specifcally, a pigeon removal  service to help with bird problems around your house? We provide bird removal service in Houston, Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth. Get rid of birds with us.

Birds, or specifically pigeons, like to make nests on buildings. This usually leads to problems around the building. It quickly becomes a good reason to start looking for a bird removal service.

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The Rock Pigeon is a member of the bird family Columbidae. It’s also known by “feral pigeon” and “domestic pigeon”.

Pigeons have seen good and bad times with humans for thousands of years. Trained domestic pigeons return home even when transported to a new location hundreds of miles away. Several “War Pigeons” have even received medals for their wartime service.

It’s usually feral pigeons in the city that cause problems. These highly intelligent, adaptable birds become a nuisance because of their sheer numbers. Each couple can produce 2 eggs, six times a year!

And what comes with lots of pigeons? Pigeon poop! And lots of it.

They’ve been responsible for multiple beach closings, most recently Pismo Beach, California. It was closed 10 times in 3 months because of high concentrations of E. coli and other bacteria in the waters around the pier.

A clearly annoyed Councilman Bill Rabenaldt said, “They are flying rats, pollutants, and they are doing bad things and they don’t even live here. I have strong feelings that we need to eradicate them.”

Other than problems caused by their droppings, these birds don’t really carry many diseases that could be a threat to humans. There is a potential risk that they might carry and spread bird flu (avian influenza).

Their nesting habits create problems for structures. They prefer gutters, window air conditioners, chimney pots and external ledges that remind them of their cliff dwelling origins. That guarantees plenty of droppings and possible future damage to your home or building.

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If you have problem birds making their nests and leaving their droppings on your property, call Wilderness Animal Control to remove them. Our number is 281-961-1031.

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