Opossum Removal – Getting Rid Of Possums

opossum removal - getting rid of possum

Are you looking for an opossum removal service to help you get rid of possums roaming around you property? We provide opossum removal in Houston, Austin, Fort Worth and Dallas.

The Opossum, sometimes also called “possum”, is a remarkable animal in many ways. They aren’t really dangerous, but have a decent set of teeth that can look quite scary.

Many people don’t like opossums hanging around their homes and want to get rid of them.

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Opossums are the largest of the marsupials (mammals that carry their young in a pouch) in the Western Hemisphere. The biggest opossum is a little bigger than a large house cat.

Possums were originally native to the eastern United States, but were intentionally introduced into the west during the Great Depression, likely as a source of food. Since then, they have been expanding steadily thanks in part to more man-made sources of water, more shelter due to urban development, and milder winters.

Opossums are “opportunistic omnivores”, meaning that they’ll eat just about anything. The can eat and reproduce in surprisingly tough conditions.

Their immune systems are very well developed. They can even survive rattlesnake and cotton-mouth bites. Their bodies can quickly create an antidote for just about any toxin they come into contact with.

An opossum will bite if you corner it and try to pick it up. Their other interesting method of defense is to “play possum.” When threatened, they will fall over and play dead, with teeth bared and a foul odor emitted from anal glands. They will stay in this state for anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 or 4 hours.

Opossums usually move around a lot, staying in one area as long as food and water are easily available. They don’t waste time building their own houses.Opossums prefer yours. They nest in dark, secure areas, like crawl spaces and attics.

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