Get Rid Of Armadillos – Why Armadillo Removal Is Important

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Armadillos are small mammals, known for their bony armored shell. They aren’t really dangerous, but they can cause a lot of problems for property owners.

The only type of armadillo found in the United States is the Nine-banded Armadillo. It is most common in the central southern states, especially Texas.

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Sadly, many people only see these little creatures after they have become road-kill. When startled, they tend to jump straight up in the air… to near perfect car or truck fender height.

Armadillos are incredible diggers, and they are well-equipped for the job. They use their sharp claws to dig up grubs and to dig tunnels and dens. The tunnels can be quite long. This is where they give birth and raise their young. They also like to live near creeks and streams.

These little animals are a golf course manager’s worst nightmare! They can quickly turn a beautiful fairway, green, or a grassy front yard into something that resembles a mine field. They can ruin vegetable garden or flower bed in no time.

Their tunnels can also create a lot of water drainage problems. As a result of the ruined drainage, they can be the cause of unwanted flooding.

These animals can also carry diseases, in particular, leprosy. This is an infectious disease that damages the skin.

So you can see that you don’t want to give armadillos free reign on your property. It is usually best to catch them and relocate them to an area where they can’t create damage.

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