Predator Control Services – Alligators, Bobcat, Coyotes, Cougars

Predators, like alligators, coyotes, bobcats, and cougars can be very dangerous to you and your pets if they are allowed to live on your property. We provide predator control services in Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas and Austin, TX. Get rid of wildlife with us.


Depending on  where you live and whether you have a body of water on your property, alligators can be a real threat. They will need to be trapped and relocated.

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Watch how André traps and relocates an alligator:


predator control - coyoteThe coyote is a member of the Canidae (dog) family and a close relative of the Gray Wolf. Despite being hunted a lot, the coyote is one of the few larger animals that has enlarged its range since human encroachment began.

Coyotes can cause damage in several ways. They are certainly a big danger to your pets. If you have sheep or lambs on your property, coyotes are a threat to them too.


predator control - bobcatThe Bobcat, sometimes known as the Bay Lynx, is a North American mammal of the cat family, Felidae. It is found anywhere from southern Canada to northern Mexico. This means it can be found in much of the continental United States.

The Bobcat is a resilient and adaptable predator that lives in wooded areas, as well as semi-desert, urban edge, and swamp lands.

Bobcats prefer to hunt for rabbits, but they will hunt anything from insects to chickens to small deer. They will also hunt sheep and goats.


predator control - cougarThe Cougar is also a mammal of the Felidae family, native to the Americas. This large, solitary cat has the greatest range of any mammal in the Western Hemisphere, other than humans. It is the fourth heaviest cat in the world, after the tiger, lion and the jaguar.

Cougars hunt a wide variety of prey. Deer or Elk count among its favorite food, but a cougar will also hunt cattle, sheep, and goats. It prefers habitats with dense bush that make stalking easier, but it can live in open areas as well.

As urban areas continue to grow, the ranges of cougars overlap more and more with areas where people live. This has caused a rise in attacks on humans. California alone has seen a dozen cougar attacks since 1986, including three fatalities. Your pets are an easy target for these predators too.

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